Nature of Code Final Project – GA and NN in Three.js

Previous Project Auto-steering Much like the Flappy Bird game, the goal of Into the Darkness is to avoid the rocks and travel as far as possible. I want to implement the auto-steering module in the 3D space using the GA. I would love to explore the difference of the GA between 2D and 3D space….

NOC Week 2 – Physics Engine

All About Physics! This week’s assignment is to play with physics. My Winter Show project happen to involve some simple physics elements so I posted it here. I did not know how physics work at that time so one of my coding master friends taught me the tricks. Collison The short video above shows how the…

NOC Week 1- Random Walker

Daniel gave us lots of interesting ideas about random walkers. I am very interested in the constraint of the walker, so I decided to make a random walker that drew a Mondrian. I extracted colors from this famous painting and added some variations to it. There are altogether 7 walkers running at the same time….