Emotions in Motion Final Project


My original idea was to create the scene of lighting a birthday cake with motion graphics.

But I do not have much time to start from scratch, so I decided to extend my class exercise by giving it a plot.

By combing chest and birthday together, you would get birthday cake and candles inside a chest. That’s not enough. I have to give it a purpose and the treasure hunt seems a good idea after watching Ready Player One.

Hardware Possibilities

All physical interactions displayed in the video can be achieved with the following sensors:

Button Push

You can use a simple button connect to an Arduino to achieve the effect.

Candles Blow

Attach a wind sensor to the candle model and that’ll work!

Rope Pull

A stretch sensor can detect whether you have pulled a rope.


Since I got no experience in making candles and chest motion, I observed lots of GIFs on Dribbble and learned a lot.


Layer Management


Project Files

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