EROF Week 8 – Switing

Background (Inspired by Eva & Tong)

Tinder really swiped its way into the most popular social app. One of the reasons for its success, I believe, is the utilization of people’s subconscious. When glancing through photos in secs, you don’t really look at the characters on the pictures in details. You don’t have time. Your subconscious does the work for you. If you like boys with muscles or girls in long hair, your brain will recognize those features instantly and instruct your fingers to swipe right.

That is to say, even though you swipe through the pictures really fast and furiously, you’d still make the right choices (that suits your personal aesthetic standard).

We all know that subconscious is one of the inputs for automatic writing, compared to the intentional thought in typical writings. So I believe a Tinder-style automatic writing program would be more fun and more user-friendly.


The interface I designed is just like tinder, except that I changed the pictures to text. Users can swipe through the cards left or right.

Just like Tinder, “right” means yes or “I like it”, left means no or “I don’t like it”. When the user stops swiping for 5 seconds, all words swiped will be connected into a sentence.


The code part is a bit complicated so I’ll update them later.

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